Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contact information of admin

contact information

According to the comments, massages and traffic details I have got during the time of blogging I understood that the lack of knowledge source to the Sri lankan poeple which has written in sinhala. At the same time realised that the important of health blogging.
So I realized that the important of giving my contact details to my readers.

If you like to contact me regarding something which has not posted please contact this email. Also like to mention that due to the lack of technical resource and the time to maintain this it may take sometime to give you a answer by post or email.Therefore please kind enough to mention your details with contact email with the problem.

Also like to mention that this would not prescribe you any drug. Only thing here is make you aware about importance of health and give some guidance to the way you should follow.

This is my email ad.medicalclinic@gmail.com